DAYLDN (Dear Asian Youth London) is a student-led, UK-based chapter of non-profit organisation Dear Asian Youth.DAYLDN’s aim is to educate and empower British Asian youth and communities, to uplift the British Asian identity, and ultimately to fight our misrepresentation in mainstream media.Are you a small, independent British Asian business and want to be promoted by DAYLDN? Fill in our business promotions form below for your chance to be featured.Interested in collaborating? Fill in our collaboration form below. Please note, however, that our team is made up of student volunteers who have limited time. Thus, we would sincerely appreciate your consideration when making any large requests.

Survey on The English Education System and Ethnic Minority Inclusion

DAYLDN is currently planning to launch creating a campaign for the histories and cultures of British ethnic minority groups to be taught within the National Curriculum, as part of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education. The campaign is a relatively nascent one, and we will be consistently looking for your input as to the direction within which we should be campaigning in.Fill out this brief survey to contribute towards a campaign calling for a more inclusive school curriculum, educating Britain children of the vital contributions that minorities have made to the United Kingdom as we know it today.

Webinar Series

Sign up to our university speakers webinar on Monday 7th November 6-7pm GMT to gain an insight on studying Anthropology and Sociology at top UK universities using the form below!